Dreams of women

Dreams of women reflect their world. Here are some points to reflect upon, for dream interpretation, dream analysis and to discover the meaning of dreams.

1) If the woman works outside home, she may dream of her problems at office. Dream interpretation will reveal that they continue themes from waking reality.

2) If the woman is a home-maker, she is likely to dream of her events in her home, family members under her charge, her problems and concerns. Dream analysis will reveal they continue topics from waking hours.

3) If the woman is preoccupied with studying, she may dream of school related topics like being late for class, doing assignments, homework, studying and exam results. Dreams continue waking life.

4) Single women may be concerned with finding the right partner to date, cohabitate, settle down, and other relationship issues. Dreams continue issues in waking hours.

5) If the woman is physically weak from tiredness, poor nutrition or other physiological problems, then her internal organs and body may send signals to her brain. These stimuli trigger dreams that may be traced to their origins (internal stimuli due to complaining organs).

6) Mental stress can lead to mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and etc. How to know if you are affected by mental stress in dreams? The dreamer is likely to see imagery in nightmares and bad dreams. The dreamer may not recognize themselves in the dream.

If you are troubled by dreams, speak to a qualified psychologist/ psychiatrist/ therapist. They can do dreamwork, which is to help you understand your dreams. You deserve care for yourself.

Internal stimulus creates dream of association.

This drawing illustrates point (5). Her stomach sends hunger signals to her brain which triggers a dream imagery of cooking food.

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