Hungry person’s dreams

Internal stimulus creates dream of association.

A hungry person’s dreams are likely to be about food. The internal organ (stomach), sends signals (stimulus) to the brain informing the body wants food. The brain activates memory cells that store images of food and related to cooking food. The dreamer may wake up soon and know that food is required by the body.

Rarely do dream imagery of food contain metaphorical symbolism. When they do, it can mean that the dreamer may be craving for food that is not material and tangible. The kind of food that is emotional and spiritual. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a theory that says every person has needs and desires that range from the very basic, to secondary, and tertiary levels. Apart from the primary needs of food, water and shelter, the next level of secondary needs involve love, security (physical, emotional and spiritual). Dream imagery of food can be a metaphor to inform of secondary needs for safety, love, self-esteem and lastly, being the best human being one can be.

Climbing up the mountain according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory.

The meaning of dreams related to hunger and food are universal. That is, the dream analysis and meaning can be applied to man and woman. For complicated dreams, more analysis need to be done in dreamwork with a qualified therapist.

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