Dream of renting a home

Dreaming of renting a home:
One night, I had a dream of renting a home. I met the owner of the house. She was a nice woman who was eager to present her house to potential renters.

What’s the meaning of dreaming to rent a home? Firstly, I would ask – is my present home unsuitable for my needs and that is why I went house hunting in my dream?

Other questions I would ask are –

2) Was my dream triggered by something I saw during the day?

3) Did somebody mention renting a property to me?

4) Has something happened to me personally? A home is a metaphorical symbol for your body. So when you rent a home, you may be thinking to rent a body. Perhaps you were sick and wanted to rent a body to replace your sick one. Its time to address physical health concerns.

Dreaming of renting a house.

Photo prompt on rent-a-room.

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