Dreaming of crowded train

One night, I dreamed I was inside a crowded train carriage. Commuters were packed like sardines inside a tin can. People were deprived of personal space. Somebody touched me from behind. I started to scream. I was so upset that I woke up and realized it was only a dream.

A dream of being violated in a crowded place is a metaphor when you have not experienced this is real life. If you have encountered physical or sexual assault, then this dream has been triggered by some incident during the day. Your brain has activated fragments of memories related to assault and replayed this in a dream.

Dreaming of taking the train/ tube.

Writing prompt train picture.

Dream of train

If you dream of an untidy train carriage, it means your life has many challenges and your train journey is not smooth.

Where is your Train traveling to?
If you don’t know your travel destination, it means you are without long term goals. You are being pushed around by your circumstances and environment.

If you know your travel destination, it means you are on the right track journeying towards your goals.

Next, we consider other dream imagery inside your train. Do you recognise the other passengers inside your train carriage? Is your train a single carriage train or a longer train?

A single carriage train can mean you are traveling alone, or with a. wry small group of passengers because only precious few share the same destination (goals).

A long train with many passengers can mean a big number of people who share the same destination or goals.

If you are working with a career, and you know your train is heading towards the city, this is a normal dream that reflects your ordinary life.

If you are a working person and your train is traveling towards the countryside, it can mean at least two issues. First, this can be a hint that you are headed for a change in scenery and maybe holiday. Second, this can be a hint that your work life is heading for a drastic change. You may be transferred out of your present workplace, to another geographical area. Third, the train can also mean you get a change in work roles. You may be moved horizontally to another department, or vertically when you see a promotion.

Do you recognise any of train passengers? What does each familiar person mean to you? These personal observations will add more meaning to your dream.

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