Dreaming of a Castle

I have a friend who told me that she dreamed of a castle. This is not the first time she had a dream of a castle. In fact the theme of castle has been recurring in her dreams. She sees this dream symbol frequently in her dreams, but not every day. Her dreams depend on what she has experienced during her day. She is a student at a university and is under pressure to perform well in her academic work. Thus, she is stressed over her homework and tests. At night, she often dreams about themes related to her school, school work, examinations and grades. On the days when she did not feel tensed and worried about school, she would dream of castles and big houses. In her life, big houses denote luxury, comfort and a better life. In waking reality, she desires to live in a big house. In her dream, she continues to pursue this theme, as her dreams materialize.

Photo prompt of a castle.

The dream image of a castle may refer to your place of rule, like your home, or your space. You guard your boundaries and intruders face your wrath. The state of your castle indicates the state of your health and wealth. If your dream image shows a well kept castle, it means you are doing well in waking life. If the dream image shows a castle that is bad condition or in ruins, it means you are not doing well in waking life. The castle is a metaphor which has latent meaning.

The idiom “To build castles in the air” refers to dreams of aspirations.

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