Dreaming of bottles

Back in the day when all bottles were made of glass, the dream image of bottles was a potent one. Glass bottles are fragile and break easily. Is your inner consciousness trying to inform you of your fragile state? Are you like a glass bottle? Is your ego fragile and getting wounded by criticism easily? Please have confidence in yourself. You are strong and will succeed in doing good things. Hard work is the key to success. As you sow, you will reap your fruit.

Is the glass bottle intact in your dream? How is the bottle placed? If it is placed in a precarious position, then it might indicate a risk of being broken. If the glass bottle is placed securely in a safe position, it is a metaphorical sign to say it is safe.

On the other hand, glass bottles are used to store certain drinks and food. Do you know what your glass bottle in your dream is used for? If it stores alcohol, your dream might be telling you something about alcohol. If in waking hours you are drinking alcohol, you may have developed a strong affinity to it. That is why you are dreaming of alcohol bottles in your sleep. Are you drinking to escape from mental stress, physical fatigue, emotional hurts and/ or spiritual emptiness? Ask yourself a hard question. Are you getting addicted to drinking alcohol? Alcoholism has a baggage of health problems which are painful, stressful, chronic, organ damaging and slowly leads to terminal illness. Do not allow yourself to go down the dark hole. You are a valuable human being to yourself. Please seek help from qualified professionals.

If the glass bottle in your dream was used to store food, then you can also reflect on the role this food plays in your life in waking reality. Are you eating a large quantity of this food in the glass bottle? Perhaps it is time for you to assess your favorite food intake.

Dreaming of glass bottle breaking
August 23, 2016 – I dreamed I was in a supermarket and selected a bottle of alcohol. I was in the queue waiting for my turn to pay at the cashier, when I suddenly dropped my bottle. It smashed into many glass splinters on the floor. The sound of the crash was so loud that I woke up. I looked at my alarm clock, which said 4:30 am.

Dream interpretation
The cultural aspect attached to the image of breaking glass is bad luck. Even in waking life, it is bad luck to break glass. The cost of breaking and replacing glass makes it a bad incident. I reflected on how the symbolism of breaking can be associated with my waking life. Was I breaking away from a physical person? Am I having an acrimonious relationship with someone in my work place or family?If there is a broken relationship, should I take steps to mend and repair it?

Dreaming of glass bottles.

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