Dreaming of skin

Dreaming of a burn blister.

If you see that your skin is injured by a burn, you have been burned by something hot, like a hot iron. As the proverb says, strike while the iron is hot, this  symbolic burn hits you may be struck a hot deal and earned some money.

Dreaming of blood.

Strangely, to dream of seeing blood seeping out of a wound means there is good news in waking hours. Blood is the life of the blood and when it flows out, it means the body has blood to “waste” in the cut. When there is plenty of resources, one has no worry of losing some (in the form of blood). So, bleeding from a wound means one is affluent enough to afford to lose some money.

Skin covers our entire body. It is an important sense organ. To dream of injury to skin carries a lot of significant meaning. In the world of dreams, small injuries to the skin usually means good luck and good fortune. Note that in waking hours, any cuts, or blisters, have to be attended as infection may set in. And  wounds are not good news or good fortune as there are risks of infection.

Have you ever dreamed of getting superficial wounds on your skin?

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