Meaning of clouds in dream

Dreaming of clouds.

Meaning of clouds in dream –
The dream interpretation of clouds says power. This dream symbol points to power. Just like the figurative form of clouds which have the ability to change, the entire symbol means power. Which also implies the ability to change and adapt.

Have you seen clouds in your dream? Thereafter, did you experience power in waking life?

Dream on cloudy skies:

Dreaming of cloudy skies.

Jan. 22 2017 dream –
The literal association of cloudy skies does not portend good news. Dreaming of cloudy skies may hold special meaning to the dreamer. For instance, I was planning to go somewhere for my further education and that place has cloudless skies. When there are clouds, the skies are still gloomy. If this dream does indeed portray my desire to relocate, or portray my future lies in that direction, then the clue is in the characteristic climate and weather seen in my dream. Alternatively, my mind could be triggered by nostalgia and replayed a memory of cloudy skies, to relive a scene from memory.

I believe that the Universe has vast knowledge which it can send to people who ask for help. The Universe is a collective unconsciousness which we can assess for information. We need to pay attention to the stimuli around us, to understand what the Universe tries to tell us. Paying attention to stimuli helps us mull over information that eventually Helps decision making. Some people call this intuition, to discern what is. unsaid, unseen but communicating via intuition.