Dreaming of a desert

I had an unusual dream about a desert. I was in the middle of nowhere. I was calm and sat on the sand, which was fine, white and warm. I decided to make use of my time in prayer and meditation. As there was nothing else to do in the vast land of sand, I managed to concentrate and think of my issues. I began to visualize new ways of resolving these problems. I woke up feeling refreshed.

In dream analysis, the meaning of dreaming of a desert can mean going to a place to pray, meditate and receive enlightenment. If you brain conjures up dream imagery of a desert, it could be telling you to get in touch with your inner self. Its time to develop some of your psychic talents. Be alert to your surroundings. What are the stimuli trying to tell you? What is your gut feel? When you consider the input of stimuli, you are processing this information with your knowledge, wisdom, imagination and experience.

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