Dreaming of reflections in glass, crystal ball, water etc

Dreaming of reflections –

If you dream of seeing reflections in a body of water, mirror, polished surface, …

Dreaming of reflection in glass –
This is a simple reflection. What you see is what you get. Generally, dreaming of seeing a reflection means you are reminded to take a good look at yourself. In a glass reflection, you are limited to what you can see off the reflection of light on the glass surface. What does this tell you about your real life? Are you aware of your behaviors in reality? How do your actions look in the eyes of another person? Are you asked to take stock of your image and maybe do some editing? Dreaming of a reflection in glass can also mean the image that is represented in two dimensions, lacks depth. You can’t reach in to touch or change anything. This could refer to a situation in your waking life.

Dreaming of reflection in crystal ball –
If you dream of seeing images in a crystal ball, you are given hints of what may happen in your future, according to your brain’s perceptions. The images may not be divination, but more of what your brain has invented to appear. There are reasons for making these images appear and these associations are found in your day life.

Dreaming of reflections in water –
Water hides a hidden risk. The depth of water is a risk. What you see in the watery reflection is limited. If you try to touch the water, the reflection will be disturbed and lost. This may be a message about your present life. You are in a volatile position. If you touch the waters around you, the environment gets disturbed.

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