Water dream, dreaming of water, dream interpretation water

She gave him water to resuscitate him.

Water dream
Water is essential for life. To dream of water means you will have sufficient resources for your life.

If you dream of drowning in water, it means you’re overwhelmed by too much water. In real life, you maybe having too much to handle on your plate. Its time to plan on tackling the work in efficient ways.

In some cultures, water means good luck. Chinese people all over the world use “feng shui”, for the arrangement of elements in the environment, to harness their energies. Water, especially moving water, allegedly attracts good luck. Practitioners of feng shui would design their interior decorations of their homes and office, to harness unseen energies, to maximize their luck.

Dream interpretation water
The dream symbol of water can have a few meanings. You need to consider what the imagery means to you, in connection with your waking life and your circumstances.


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