Dreaming of plant in water

Dreaming of plant in water.
Water is a good dream symbol. It is essential to support life for animals and plants. The dream symbolism of a plant in water can mean that something is being supported with a crucial item.

Water: Dream Interpretation #6
She gave him water to resuscitate him. This scene actually appeared in a dream.

She gave him water to resuscitate him.

How dreaming of water relates to your life
Water is essential to life. The dream imagery shows how a fish is resuscitated with water. In waking life, you may be called to help someone with essential resources, like water.

Dreaming of water

Once in my past, I was compelled to relocate to a different country, due to financial circumstances. I lived with an elderly couple, who were relatives. Their house was on the outskirts of a small city. The hostess ran her household like a spartan micro dwelling.

The rural house had no running water. The local municipal authorities supplied clean water by operating pumps that ran water through pipes, to residential areas, twice a day. During summer, droughts would reduce the reservoir of water and supplies would be reduced or cut. With low quantity of drinking water, I had to stock up on bottled mineral water bought from the store. Sometimes, cows which wandered around the neighborhood in search of edible foliage, would stop by to search for water.  In my unconscious state, I was often dreaming of water.

Swans on water.
Dreaming of red lotus growing in water.

Medium: fluorescent paint and magic ink pen on recycled brown paper. It doesn’t show up well during the scan.

Dreaming of calm water & choppy water

Dreaming of calm sea water.

When you dream of calm water at sea, lake or pond, it is a symbol that speaks of good. The calm water means the elements of nature favor you. If you are about to start a new endeavor, this is a sign that it will be favorable for you.

Dreaming of choppy sea water.

The opposite meaning is interpreted for choppy sea. If the waters are turbulent, rough and violently active, it is a bad sign. If you are about to start something new, you have to think about how you are going to deal with adversity and difficulty. If you are ill equipped and ill prepared to handle choppy water, it might be better to delay the start of the new project.

Have you dreamed of calm waters or turbulent waters? Please share your dream!

Meaning of dream on muddy water

Meaning of dream about muddy water.

In my dream, I was walking outdoors , when I came across a small puddle of muddy water. I was trying to look inside this small pool of murky water. I was seeking answers to the profound questions which I was pondering over in my mind. I thought that I could find answers by some clues in the water, just like tossing a head.

The dream analysis of cloudy water, means that I am making unclear decisions. The muddy water means my judgement is undermined by the dirt that is masking the true contents of the water.

Dreaming of shallow water: dream of deep water

Dreaming of shallow water and deep water.

Dreaming of shallow water –
Many people are deceived when they see shallow water in a pool or beach. Actually, a collective source of water can be dangerous, be it shallow or deep. The water is a layer that can deceive. Looking at the shallow pool of water from above, you will see the refraction of light and the depth of water is not what it actually is. The depth looks less than what it really is. Applying this concept to waking life, this dream symbol of shallow water means you should not throw caution to the wind because of deception by the “shallowness”.

Dreaming of deep water –
This dream is a simulation of threat. Maybe in your waking life, you have seen/ heard/ experienced some factors which rang alarm bells. At night, your brain has resurfaced your doubts and made them into a dream of seeing deep water. What is inside the deep water? It is not advisable to dive into the unknown. Your waking self needs to think of better alternatives to handle this situation.

Ten (10) plants growing in water.


Table summary of dreams about water

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