Dreaming of yellow lemons

Dreaming of yellow lemons.
Lemons are associated with sour taste and this does not sit well. The dream symbol has a literal meaning of sourness or bad taste. Dreaming of yellow lemons can mean something is not well in your life.

Latent meaning of the dream symbol of lemon:
Dreams continue the same themes as your waking life. You may be having a sour phase in reality. You may be neglected or overlooked in favor of another person. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it. make the best use of your opportunities, be they bad or good. Even when you face difficulties because a door has slammed in your face, you can also use this negative experience to squeeze opportunities from it. Try to find alternative solutions. When you dig for solutions, you will find nuggets of gold, that is, many other opportunities you can invest your tie and effort in.

If you think your dream of lemons is a warning to tell you that all is not well in waking reality, then you can prepare to deal with the situation. Perhaps you have the intuition, or gut feeling, that you face a sour situation because things are going wrong. Your brain may have processed input data and understood the potential outcome. In the busy rat race of day, you may not have fully grasped the context and situation. The intuition is nagging you at the back of your brain. It is eating into you so much that your brain creates a dream to pass the message to your subconsciousness. When you wake up, you will remember this dream of seeing lemons, and search for the meaning behind it.

Other dream interpretations of the color yellow
Although yellow is a sunny color in waking life, it does not have good meanings in a dream. This is where dream meaning deviates from real life. Yellow is a pale color and in a dream, it can mean being “yellow face”, or being afraid and cowardly.

Dreaming of yellow lemons.