Dreaming of water under bridge doesn’t mean all’s forgiven

I dreamed of water flowing under a bridge. The dream always ended in a similar manner. The monster from the water lurks to attack me.

Although water has flowed under the bridge and we are encouraged to let bygones by bygones, I would still exercise caution with the same people who were involved in the dispute. Where there’s smoke like past behaviors indicating character traits, the fire of discontent can never be extinguished.

Someone who asked me to do something big seven years ago, is still hoping I might change my mind and succumb. Water is still flowing under the bridge. Water from the river of discontent. This means the past is not finished. It is there like a big stick waiting to whack me or another prey.

Cave woman or female armed with heavy ram to batter down.

Prompt from #CCC48 – bridge over water.

Table summary of dreams about water

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