Interpret dream of water

To interpret dream of water, you have to consider your personal context too. What are your personal circumstances at the point of having this dream?

The dream imagery of water means giving life. For indeed, water is essential for all forms of life. A human being comprises of 70% water. To dream of water can mean you are going to create something new. This could be a relationship, life, project or hobby.

Water is usually associated with cleaning, washing, and purifying. If you had a bad experience, or suffered humiliation, and then you dreamed of water, it means you’re being cleaned to purify and purge away the unpleasantness.

Water is good but too much water is not good. If you dream of yourself in deep water, you could be in trouble. If you dream yourself in a small boat drifting out to sea, then you’re definitely in trouble.

Dreaming of rowing a boat.


Table summary of dreams about water