Draw your view for 31 days

This is a 31 day challenge to draw your view out of your window. Draw this view from this same window, from Day 1, to Day 31. This challenge is meant to hold accountability to a certain blog series.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still raging. We have to stay home as much as possible. So we stay put and draw.

August 1 2021, # 1/31.

Black clouds. Raining. I walked out of the supermarket with a new empty plastic bucket. By the time I reached home, the pail held some rain water. I wouldn’t have walked out in dark, cloudy weather, save for the fact that my fridge was running out of vegetables.

August 2 2021, #2/31.

August 3 2021, #3/31.

View from my window #3/31, August 3 2021.