Dream of a watery grave

The relatives of 189 passengers and crew who perished on the fateful Lion Air fight JT 610 may dream of a watery grave. We are all traumatized by the large number of loss of lives in this tragedy.

If I sent a message of a bouquet of roses to someone who died in water, will they receive it? Many cultures say that a soul may linger around the place where their body died. If the corporeal body died in water, the soul may hand around that area, or visit there once a while.

That’s why relatives of the deceased may efforts to ride out to the area of water where the deceased was last alive, to pay their respects and tribute. If one were to toss a bunch of roses or flowers in the water, the soul/ ghost of the deceased may see this gesture as a consolation. The act of sending flowers to a watery grave is more likely to present mental relief, emotional comfort and spiritual consolation to the living survivors. The act is more for their peace of mind.

May the dead rest in peace.

Writing prompt.