Dreaming water from cooler has white flakes

Have you ever dreamed that water from cooler has white flakes? A man dreamed he was drawing water from a water cooler. It discharged water with white flakes. It might have been due to mineral scales in the machine because it had not been descaled for a long time.

What’s the dream interpretation of dream imagery of ruined water?

It can mean that a vital resource is ruined. How does this apply in your waking reality? This dream is a reminder to check for the authenticity and purity of resources in your life. If you have doubts about the source of a material, you should stop using it and look for alternate sources.

Another dream interpretation suggests that the water (or other resource) may have poisoned. At any rate, you should start to be careful and safeguard your sources, personal safety and security.

She gave him water to resuscitate him.


Table summary of dreams about water