Dreaming of fighting

Dream of fighting –
There are mainly two types of fighting. One is the external fight, the second is your own internal fight. The former needs no explanation. The second type is when you can’t decide on a resolution to do. You are frustrated and can’t find a way out of your dilemma.

The dream symbol of fighting can mean disagreement with another person. If you see a familiar person fighting with you in your dream, but in waking life that person is not fighting with you, then you have to be careful. This usually means your brain and inner consciousness know the potential of a fighting erupting because the two of you had clashes of opinions in the past.

Fighting can mean confrontation to resolve an issue. In your waking life, you might have a situation which you need to face to resolve it. Your dream tells you it is time to manage the controversy.

Dreaming of fighting:
This is a short comic strip of a morose elder who is going someplace secluded, to reflect on his life. He feels morose for his past and wants to meditate to discover what he can do to compensate the wrong. He wants to fish and spend time with nature while he thinks about his life. He walks nosily through the woods and disturbs a sleeping Yeti. The animal challenges him to a fight.

Morose elder was fishing when he disturbed a Yeti and has to fight him.

Media: poster colors on recycled paper.

Morose village elder going to fish fights the Yeti. This #drawingprompt was provided by Guido v 5 @realOMU.

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