Dreaming of necklace

I was dreaming of my necklace and wondering who gave it to me. It was strange because in waking reality, I distinctly recall the identity of the person who gifted the necklace to me.

Why did I forget the person in my dream? Was the gifter in my dream different from the one I knew in real life? I was sure I had dreamed of the same necklace and in truth, there was only one person who presented me that necklace. One way of interpreting this dream is that person was not who they acted like they were. This person pretended to be a good human, who gave me the gift. The pretension is hinted in the dream, when I could not recognize or reconcile two personalities.

Confusion on who gave me the necklace.

Much later, I learned that my friend was multitasking and fluid in her loyalties. She was two faced. My inner consciousness knew about this and triggered this dream to warn me.

#drawingprompt from @realOMU.

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