Dreaming of two people talking

Dreaming of two people talking:
Dreaming of two people talking is a strong symbol. What are they speaking about? Is it something you should know? Or is it just mundane gossip which you already know? Maybe the conversation was a fragment of what you heard before. Why is this conversation being brought up in a dream? Maybe you should sit up and pay attention to the theme. It could be a clue to what is going on in your present life.

On the other hand, the topic of discussion may not play any relevance to your situation. maybe it was nostalgia that brought up dream images of the people in the dream. Do you miss those people? Are you going to contact them in waking life? If one or two of the people are dead, then your dream was certainly one of nostalgia, remembering the old times when the people were alive.

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Dream of two people chatting.


Thanks to Guido version 5, I have the opportunities to post about a wide range of themes. Here is his #drawingprompt on people chatting away.