Dreaming of cabin in woods

Meaning of dream about cabin in the woods.

One night, I dreamed I was staying in a cabin, in the woods. It was totally deserted in the middle of nowhere. I felt so isolated like I was being alienated by people. Strangely, I was not worried for my safety in the woods. I was staying there like it was normal for me to live alone. Then suddenly, I woke up.

I did a dream analysis and concluded that my dream told me my status in waking life. I was living like a hermit crab. Basically, I went to work, came home, did my cooking and other necessary tasks, and then went to sleep. The next day, I repeated my same schedule. My weekends were spent at home, catching up on cleaning and housework. I did some thinking and decided to change my work. It was a tremendous change. I had some time for aesthetics like drawing and writing.

Dream interpretation of cabin in the woods can mean solitude, independence and quiet time.

Have you ever dreamed of being in a lonely and deserted place? How do you relate this dream to your waking life?

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