Dreaming about rebirth & reincarnation

A pious woman living in India had a mother who was pious and prayerful in her religion X. One day, the older woman died because of old age. Shortly after, her daughter had a dream about her mother. The elderly woman’s soul was reincarnated into a human baby and was given rebirth. The new parents of this baby lived in a town halfway across the country. They belonged to religion Y and was raising their new baby as a devotee of religion Y.

What does psychology say about this dream? How can we explain these events using theories from psychology? Here are some hypothesis. Mother and daughter were prayerful so the latter’s dream could have been influenced by religious teachings on rebirth and reincarnation. The woman’s dream could have been a “reassurance” dream, which is about where the soul has gone after death of the mortal body. The details of this reassurance dream could have been randomly stringed together or a real communication. The younger woman did not travel to verify the authenticity of her dream. She could have been influenced by her old memories and somehow, these fragments of memories appeared in this new dream.

Psychology theories try to explain rationale of an event. However, there is the great Universe, who has archetypes and knowledge, that can answer any question.

Have you had dreams about rebirth or reincarnation? Please share your dream.

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