Transformation after dreaming

Slaves who learn about humanity in dreams.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Jack, who earned money as a recruiting agent. This was a nice cover-up for the real job, which was a “slave” trader. All his applicants ended up being enslaved to work long hours everyday, because Jack did not ensure the hiring companies had stipulated working hours. He was like a slaver who matched job seekers to employers, based on skills. One night, Jack had a dream. He was hunting in the woods, when he was overpowered and captured by a group of foreign men. Jack was enslaved by a heavy chain attached to a metal ball. He was taken by his kidnappers, to a ship. Jack protested all this while, to no avail. He tasted thirst, hunger, discomfort and fear. He begged his kidnappers for food and drink. They laughed at him.

Suddenly, Jack woke up. He was sweating and frightened. He began to associate his dream to his waking life. He realized his dream continued his waking life and taught him about humanity. He decided to transform himself by being a better recruitment agent. He wrote Employment Contracts to protect workers’ rights. He performed followup reviews to get feedback on the working conditions of various companies. He had learned about humanity in his dream and promised to ensure his clients received fair salaries and rest days in their work contracts. Jack had a transformation after dreaming and learning about humanity. He vowed never to return to his old ways.

The End.

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