Dream about two men

This is a precious dream which is used for dream analysis, resulting in a breakthrough for diagnosing possible issues in orientation. The word “precious” is used to participate in Linda Hill’s SoCS.

Dream about two men in a room:
On October 11 2018, a friend A., narrated his dream to me. In his sleep, he and his family of two other people, had traveled to a small town in India. His friend C., was celebrating the marriage of his sister, and had invited A. A and his family went to see C. at an old building. They climbed up a staircase, to level two. There were two staircases but only one lead to a room, while the other lead to a corridor. C. and C.’s new brother-in-law were sitting on a bed in the room. A.’s family, consisting of his wife and daughter, asked for blank paper to draw and write. A. found some paper for them and they left the room to use the paper. A swarm of cockroaches invaded the bed where C. and his new brother-in-law were sitting. C. was not bothered by the insects. A. thought it was strange that C. seemed not to see the cockroaches. It was a terrible sight. A. told C. that there were cockroaches crawling all over his bed but C. was too busy talking to register the meaning of what A. said to him. A second issue was that C. was unable to see the cockroaches. The third possibility with this scenario was that A. could have imagined the cockroaches when actually, there were none. A. could have been hallucinating about seeing cockroaches invading C.’s bed. A.’s personal beliefs may have interfered with his functioning and he was trying to persuade C. to leave the bed and get away from the other man.

Dream analysis:
Does anyone find it strange that two men were sitting on one bed? Then an army of nasty insects like cockroaches invaded the bed? If we analyze using Freud’s teachings on sexual images, we would guess that the two men shared an intimate relationship. C. could not see the cockroaches which were crawling all over the bed and was unaware of the disgusting situation. The latent meaning was that C. was unable to see the wrong of this situation. The new brother-in-law was a liar, betrayer and maybe has no honest bone in his body. If he was a gay men, he should not be agreeing to marry a woman. The man who is only identified as C., is also equally guilty of damaging his sister. He should not have gotten intimate with the man who was going to become his brother-in-law. C. has betrayed the confidence and trust of his sister. If C. already knew that the man was gay, he should take steps to stop the nuptials. Maybe C. was threatened with blackmail and extortion if he let the cat out of the bag. Both men would be adversely affected with exposure and scandal. Although gay sex was made legal in India in September 2018, the identities of the men involved were not appropriate for the act. Because one man was due to get married to the sister of the man he was seen in a compromising situation with. This could be the bachelor’s last swing before he got married to a woman.

On the other hand, has the sexuality of A. got anything to do with his dream of two gay men? Is A. a closet gay? Did A. have this dream because his inner consciousness was trying to bring to the surface his sexual orientation? Maybe this dream was trying to tell him that it is all right to come out of the closet because he has friends who are gay men. Maybe only A. saw the cockroaches because he was having illusions or hallucinations about the two men. The cockroaches could be unreal because A. was having a mental problem. More dreamwork needs to be done before drawing any conclusions. A. may need to seek counseling and intervention to handle his issues.

This is a real dream written together with the use of the picture prompt.

A second prompt was provided by Linda Hill’s Stream of Conscious Saturday. Read more about it and please join SoCS here.

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There are very few readers for this post so I’ve added another writing prompt in my bid to get more readership. This prompt comes from MLMM, which provides a first line for this particular prompt – “One for sorrow, two for mirth.”

One for sorrow, two for mirth. Originally, A. used to dream of himself alone. He usually had sad dreams from the nostalgia of his past episodes. After his brain exhausted all the available sorrowful incidents, it started to dig around for newer memories to replay in dreams. Brain started to combine characters together in a dream. It discovered two characters create sparks which can be quite humorous. The fragments of memories were combined with pieces of inventions from life’s observations. Then one night, A.’s brain created this complex dream of not only two, but several characters. The merry group presented a new perspective which was never before revealed – that A. might be nursing a different orientation. What do you think?

Dream I saw two men talking:

Here are some issues to consider before we dive into this dream interpretation. Do you know those two men? Were the two men aware of your presence? Did you actually hear what they were talking about?

If you know the men in your dream, it can mean you had an internal stimulus that triggered off this dream. Perhaps you know of an old, unresolved issue. Then, this dream could be a reminder of the old issue that was pending for resolution. The matter could have bugged you at the back of your mind, and it  triggered this dream.

If you don’t know the identity of those 2 men, then your dream characters could have been invented with splicing of images. Do you identify with the subject matter being discussed? How does the subject relate to you?

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