Waiting: Dream Interpretation #35

One night, I dreamed I was waiting for someone to show up where I was standing. I was kept waiting for a very long time. I didn’t know why the person didn’t arrive but I was kept waiting. After waiting from night to dawn, I woke up to see the sky brightening. It was daybreak and time to get up from bed.

This is my dream analysis. Strangely in my dream, I felt like I was Godot, the character in the play, “Waiting for Godot”, by Samuel Beckett. In waking life, I was waiting for about one year. It was a stressful time that made a lasting impression on me. I had wrongly anticipated my acquaintance would contact me about establishing a communication for a event. It never happened. Somehow, this failed networking attempt crept into my inner consciousness and triggered this dream. This dream may also be telling me that this issue will never come to fruit and it is time to abandon it. It looks like it is time to move forward.

Have you ever dreamed of waiting for someone? Did your dream mirror a real episode in waking life?

Writing prompt “waiting“.

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