Dreaming of aliens/ UFO/ extraterrestrials

What does it mean when you dream of aliens? What’s the dream interpretation of aliens?

When you see dream imagery of aliens, it means you are disconnected from living beings who are aliens to you. Maybe in real life, you don’t feel like belonging in the cliques of people. You don’t identify with them, or feel confused. You may be having a social issue like feeling shy, out of place or unable to connect with people. Sometimes, people with different cultures, ethics and values may appear as aliens in your dreams. Likewise, people who don’t identify with you may dream of you as an alien.

If you are experiencing difficulties in the realms of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, you may see dream imagery of other people as aliens, or see yourself as an alien.

The dream symbol of an alien suggests you are seeing it as a result of a strange or scary theme in your real life. Dreams continue themes seen in the day, so the dream imagery of an alien is closely associated with what you see in your day.

The meaning of your dream depends on your personal interpretation of what that dream symbol means to you. Every dreamer (person) has their own unique set of knowledge, experience, culture, values, ethnicity, ethics, personality, personal life context and other factors, which influence what they think. You are the best person to understand what each dream imagery means to you.

In the United States of America, an alien refers to a person who is an illegal immigrant.

Your relationship with a person determines the type of image that appears in your dream. This dream image is representative of your relationship with that person. For example, if you are not close with that person, and you think their behaviors are strange and out of this world, you may dream of them as an alien.

Conversely, instead of dreaming about the other person as an alien, do you dream of yourself as an alien? Your subconscious mind may be sending you a message that you feel you don’t belong in your present circles in society. Maybe you feel isolated, set apart or marginalized. maybe this is a message to tell you to do something about this situation.

Maybe you have opinions and viewpoints which are different from the norm. If you crave independence and a voice to express your views, you may have to strike it out on your own ad be an independent worker.

Drawn with non-dominant hand, blind contour self portraits.

Prompt from Putting My Feet In The Dirt.com – “Greetings from Earth“.

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