Dreaming of ice cube

Dreaming of ice cube.

The dream analysis of the image of an ice cube in a dream –

The dreamer may be needing the ice cube to place in a glass for a drink. What sort of beverage is it? If it is an alcoholic drink, then the ice cube can mean that it is used to dilute the drink. In reality, the drinker should think about reducing the frequency of drinking, by diluting the alcohol content, and slowly weaning off it.

The dream interpretation of an ice cube can also mean the dreamer needs ice to cool down. The dreamer may be experiencing dehydration and internal body heat. The remedy is not just taking ice cube orally or bathing with ice. The remedy would be to hydrate the body with lots of fluids. Drinking water is the best source to re-hydrate the body.

On the other hand, is your image as cold as ice? Do yo present a cold, uncaring image to the world? Is the dream metaphor telling you to defrost? Maybe this metaphor does not refer to yourself but to someone else. Do you know someone who is stiff, strict and seemingly un-empathetic?

Do you have dreams of eating ice cubes? Or seeing large ice cubes as in icebergs? Please share your dreams and your interpretations. Thanks.

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