Dreaming of cabbage

Dreaming of cabbage.

You may think it strange to do a dream analysis of cabbage but there are reasons for doing so. The cabbage is one of the cheapest vegetables the whole year round. It is not a seasonal crop. There is a lot of bulk in a head of cabbage, which makes it ideal to feed a family, or endure a few meals. I used to read stories about students buying cabbage for their home cooked meals because it was a cheap vegetable, in comparison to other greens which offered less volume. A head of cabbage cooks a large pot of soup that will last quite a whole. Store the rest of the soup in the refrigerator for convenience.

Dreaming of the poor man’s vegetable could have several meanings. One, you are facing hard times. Two, you may be having an episode of nostalgia, where you remember your past  experiences with cabbage. Three, you could be needing to eat more greens. Your body may require roughage and the image of cabbage popped into your dream. The body’s internal organs have their ways of sending signals to the brain. So this message may   be hinting to you on the need to eat more vegetables.

Have you had dreams of cabbages or vegetables? Please share!

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