Dreaming of ageing

Dreaming about ageing.

What is your dream interpretation when you dream about yourself ageing? Can you see yourself with grey or white hair? Are you scared of this dream? This dream warns you to take care of yourself. You should plan for your older years. By taking care of your physical body now, it will repay you by remaining healthy so that you’ll remain independent in your twilight years.

Apart from yourself, do you need to take a look at your near and dear ones as they age? Maybe you need to pay some attention to other older people.

In your waking life, does any senior or older elderly people have close interaction with you? Are they doing important acts that affect you? Your dream of an aging self could be a mirror image of other people might be doing something that needs to be noted.

Some cultures believe it is good luck to be able to see oneself as an older version. It means one can live to a ripe old age. In other cultures, dreaming of oneself as an older person may be associated with bad luck. It could imply that one grows old before one’s time in actual years.

Did you ever dream of yourself as an older version? Please share your dream.

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