Dreaming of adultery

What’s the meaning of dreaming of adultery? If you see yourself in your dream, are you the guilty one who is committing a breach of trust in your marriage/ partnership? If you are, then you might reflect on issues in your waking life. What are the wrongs in your present relationship with your spouse/ partner? Can the problems be fixed? Are you willing to seek help from a third party, like a professional marriage counselor/ therapist? How many years have you tolerated the difficulties? Have you tried to address the themes that are causing dissatisfaction?

If you have not strayed from your permanent partner, then you may be nursing some hurts that has infiltrated your former loyalty to your partner. Going down this vein of dream analysis of the metaphor of cheating, your mind may be thinking of looking for affection outside marriage/ bond.

Maybe this dream tries to warn you that your spouse/ partner may be entertaining a third party. In waking life, your mind may have seen the signs and symptoms of cheating. You might have pushed those thoughts aside as you try to lie to yourself that your relationship is all right. What can you do to make amends and change the equilibrium? You should confront the situation with your partner. Discuss about the causes behind this infraction.

If your partner did not cheat on you in reality, then this dream may be a warning or threat simulation. You might not be presenting a firm and serious public image. Your partner and the potential cheater may not respect you. A troublemaker may not be a competitor who wants a romantic relationship with your partner. If you’re a woman married to a man, a competitor may be a person like a mother-in-law. The elder woman may view the younger daughter-in-law as a threat to her formerly close relationship with her son. She may want to interfere in your relationship with your spouse, to wrestle back some power, control and respect for herself. In some cultures, the matriarch of the family is the elderly mother. In other cultures and religions, the family may have to practice communal bonds like a wife having to take care of children from her spouse’s relatives.

Spouses must take stock of their relationship. Can the other half be in charge of so many responsibilities without bending under the burden?

Another possibility is that you have run the gamut of your relationship. Couples and people grow apart as they change. If you have examined all aspects of your relationship and decided that you have reached the end of your tether, then it is goodbye.

I wish I could say that this story was a dream. However, every woman who has ever had an intimate relationship with a partner, be him/ her a spouse or friend, dreads the moment they realize they have been cheated on. This is a true story, with names changed, to protect the privacy of the people concerned.

One day, Jane answered a call from her bank.

“Mam, please come to our branch to settle an outstanding credit card bill. Or your credit will be rejected until further notice.”

Jane hurriedly dressed and reached the bank.

“This is the bill for your husband” She was handed a card transaction bill made out to her husband’s name.

It was for a week’s stay last month at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. A room with queen size bed.

Maybe her husband used his card for this on behalf of his relative. She has to confront him to get to the root of the matter.

“I’ll settle this tomorrow.” Jane managed to croak out before she left the bank.

End of this episode.

Dreaming of adultery. Jane was shocked when she saw the bill for a hotel stay she was not involved in. 

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