Dreaming of apples

Dreaming of a bowl of apples.

The dream interpretation of dreaming of a bowl of apples is good. The image tells you are a survivor of hardship. You have lived long enough to savor the sight of this bowl of apples and maybe taste them too. Ripe, red apples are also the metaphor for temptation. If you see apples, you are being lured by this seductive fruit. Likewise, if you offer an apple to someone in your dream, you are trying to lure this person.

Dreaming of ripe apple, unripe apple and over-ripe apple.

An unripe apple has its own meaning in dream metaphor. It is young and immature. Likewise, it is associated with immaturity in human beings.

When you see a ripe apple, you are facing the metaphor of a mature person in their prime. Looking at an unripe yellow or green apple, you might be thinking of how the immature person needs to grow up. The old apple is weathered and wrinkled. Nevertheless, age offers its own charm. The maturity makes the apple mellow, and less sweet, which is good for the palate of older adults. The softer texture reduces friction on the teeth and gums. So you see, even a ripened apple has its own benefits.

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