Dreaming of diamonds (updated)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, while dogs are a man’s best friends. It could take another 100 years to bridge the gap for gender equality. Then, we might be able to say, Dogs are a girl’s best friends and diamonds are a man’s best friend. But for now, diamonds are not best friends of dogs as they are a choking hazard for canines.

Dreaming of diamonds
What’s the dream interpretation when you dream of diamonds?

1) You desire the wealth of diamonds. You might not be financially generous enough to buy diamonds so you dream of them in your sleeping life.

2) Someone close to you wants diamonds.

3) If you already own some diamonds, this dream is a hint to you to do something about them.

4) If you’re an artist, dreaming of diamonds can mean this should be your next painting or artwork.

5) Dream interpretation of diamonds could hint to you the value of the people around you. Those who have supported you through thick and thin are comparable to diamonds. Their light shines in the dark.

6) A lame interpretation would be to protect whatever diamonds or valuables in your possession.

7) Someone you know could be a diamond in the rough. This means that if you were thinking to hire a new worker to handle a specific work, that person you have in mind, can be the right fit for the job. The diamond requires some polishing to shine better.

8) A diamond has the property of being one of the toughest natural materials on earth. A diamond can be cut and shaped to form a cutting instrument. Dreaming of diamonds can allude to the use of a cutting tool. In your dream, do you feel like the atmosphere is hostile/ unfriendly? If yes, then this dream is a warning that diamonds can be harmful to you.

9) If you are in a difficult position now and feel challenged by life, dreaming of diamonds might mean you are called to be as tough as diamonds. This is a temporary phase in life and it will get better for you soon.

10) A diamond has several facets and the reflection of light creates the illusion of shine. Dreaming of a diamond can be a hint that a person has many facets too. If your dream suggests you are a diamond, your inner consciousness has sent a message to tell you to be encouraged. You have many aspects to your personality and you’re a worthy person.

11) Dreaming of a diamond can symbolize your value as a person. You are valued like a diamond.

12) A diamond is a precious commodity and a form of savings. You are able to cash out on this savings if you sell your diamond. Dreaming of a diamond can mean a message to you, to save money in a lump sum. This forms your figurative diamond, which should be your dependence to call upon when you need it.

13) If you are the kind of woman or man who loves diamonds and desire a traditional ring of commitment with a diamond, this dream has a sentimental meaning. Taken in this vein, a diamond can mean a symbolic stone that represents engagement or marriage. A diamond is usually linked to long term commitment. Seeing a diamond in a dream can mean you are being asked to make a long term commitment. This can be to a relationship or job. If you are expecting a proposal from a romantic partner, then dreaming of a diamond can mean you desire a tangible show of commitment.

14) if you already own diamonds or wear diamonds, then dreaming about them can be a different message to you. Dreaming of your bling can mean you might be showing off your bling too much. You need to ask yourself whether you are showing off? Would it be better if you could tone down your bling? When times are bad and many people are in financial hardship, it could be wise to hide your diamonds to discourage envy or theft.

15) If your work involves handling diamonds, you might dream of diamonds as dreams are known to be continuations of real themes that occur during your day.

Pie chart on dreams on diamonds
Pie chart on dreams on diamonds

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