Dreaming of a beggar

Dreaming of a beggar.

In almost all cultures and religions, there exists preaching on the virtue of donating money, food and resources to the beggar or needy. Similarly, when you see a beggar in your dream, the dream meaning and interpretation depends on these cultural and religious connotations. In the dream, if you are kind to the beggar, it signifies good luck will come to you. If, you fail to donate money or intangible good to the beggar, you will not be getting good luck. Failure to donate can also imply that you are not kind in real life. Maybe this is a time for you to reflect on your moral values and principles in life. Maybe this is a call for you to change.

Dreaming of being a beggar.

If you dream of being a beggar, does this mean you will become one? No, because the metaphor has different meanings.

The meaning of this dream is that you may have often been a taker instead of a giver. You see yourself as a beggar because you ask for help but never or seldom ever pay it back.

Dream of seeing other people humiliating and making fun of a beggar.

Sometimes, you are the beggar in a dream. Other times, you are one of the people making fun of the beggar. In either one of the roles, the message is the same. You should defend the beggar against criticism from people.

Dreaming of a beggar can mean you feel like a failure.

A beggar has literally almost nothing. In our materialistic world, we are measured by the amount of wealth in our possession. We gamble with our lives. We choose our decisions and manage our failures. The stakes are high because when we make the wrong decision, we lose out. Consequentially, some people avoid making the tough decisions. Fear of failure causes procrastination and the loss of potential opportunities. Seeing a beggar in a dream can mean you did not strike out while the iron is hot.

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