Dreaming of a bath or bath tub

Dreaming of a bath or bath tub.

Dreaming of a bath and dreaming of a bath tub.

Dreaming of a bath
The dream analysis tells that your brain relays the message a bath is needed. This could be for physical cleansing, mental de-cluttering, dumping emotional baggage or moral cleaning. Think and take inventory of the issues that are present in your life. Think about how this dream metaphor can be applied to your waking life.

You are naked in a bath and this is a vulnerable time. You are exposed to potential danger and threat. If you are alone and someone rings the door bell, then you have to hurry to wear a towel or bath rob to answer the door. If you are female, it is not safe to appear at the door clothed only in a towel. The dream imagery of a bath can mean a time when you are susceptible to attack by people around you.

If the bath water is warm, the bath is like a relaxing act. If the bath water was cold, you will be shocked as you sit down in it. Likewise, these symbolism can be applied in real life. When you experience cold water in the dream, it means you face unpleasant and aloof attitudes in life. If the bath water was warm, you face warmth and support in life.

On a lighter note, a bath could be a memory of a relaxing time soaking in the tub. You might have been super busy and there is nostalgia for a slow episode in daily life.

A dream image and symbol of a bath or bath tub is a strange one. However, this concept features prominently and that is why you had a dream about it.

Have you ever dreamed about a bath or bath tub?

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