Dream interpretation crying children

If you dream crying children, there are several possible dream interpretation:

  1. Crying children can mean they are upset for a reason. If you are a woman or man who has aborted your own baby/ babies, or have children who died of other causes, then dreaming of children crying can be a figment of your imagination in dreams. If your kids are living but you don’t know how to take care of them to quickly quell their crying spells, then this dream is a stab at your parenting skills.
  2. The dream symbol of a crying child can be a reference to your inner child. You may not have taken care of yourself, your secret needs and emotional needs. Your inner child is upset and crying for attention to address the concerns.
  3. The dream interpretation of a crying child can denote your childhood. You may have suffered stress and trauma from incidents in your childhood. These are hanging over your head and prevent you from behaving in optimal ways that show your best.