Dreaming of child on altar

Dream of child sacrifice on altar.

Dreaming of child on altar has a latent meaning. As every parent knows, they have to sacrifice time, effort and resources to raise a child. Every parent knows it takes blood, sweat and tears to bring up a decent child. The picture shows a reversed scenario – the child is sacrificed. This means that the mother did not devote herself to her child. Instead, her child is on an altar, which means the kid is being sacrificed. Looking back at what was suggested, it seems the blood, sweat and tears were missing. Maybe the mother didn’t spend enough time, effort and resources to raise her child, which is why the dream shows her on an altar. What can you do if you have this dream? In waking life, do you have a child? Do you think you’re spending enough time and resources on your child? If not, then it is time to up your game in child-rearing.  Try to improve the life of your child, by accommodating her/ him into your schedule. Seek help from your relatives, friends, neighbors or anyone who is appropriate. Be prepared to pay in cash, material or intangible trades. If you expect empathy from others, be sure to share your empathy for them too.

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