Meaning of dreaming being young: Dream interpretation of childhood

When a father with child smiles at you.

Meaning of dreaming being young
A dream can be a replay of an old memory. This replay can be triggered by an event that happened during your day. The event could be something that reminded you of your childhood. Nostalgia for an old episode in life could activate the old memory, to play out in a dream.

Sigmund Freud was among the first to suggest the theory that dream imagery are derived from childhood memories. Some of them are so old that even the sleeper does not remember them. Some dream imagery are bits of a bigger memory. In a dream, small bits of memories from different episodes can be combined together like being spliced and joined.

Some dreams on flying are childhood memories. When you were very young, you were carried around. All small kids have experienced parents and caregivers swinging them around to simulate flying. The first experience of being swung around without gravity, is the mots memorable. In fact, some young babies and toddlers may burst out crying because of this terrifying experience. This type of shocking experience creates a lasting impression which is stored as a memory. Later in adulthood, the memory can be recalled after a trigger has activated it.

The brain does not feel age. When one looks into a mirror, one sees ageing. The mental state is different. This explains why old people in their winter season, do not think it is inappropriate to pair off with much younger people.

Traumatic episodes during early childhood creates strong memories. The person grows up seemingly recovered, but those memories wait to be triggered. For instance, a victim of child abuse may sometimes dream of nightmares. An event during the past day could have triggered an old memory. The dream was a simulation of threat; a replay of familiar situation encountered during earlier days.

Dream interpretation of childhood
The dream could be triggered by nostalgia, the desire for the old and familiar of the past. The dream of childhood can be recalled by a recent incident in the day. This dream could also be a reminder of a lesson, which has been recalled because something happened during your day, that was a threat. So the dream could be a simulation of a threat you faced during your day.