Meaning of zombie dream: Zombie dream interpretation

Depression zombie

Zombie in hospital
While I was a volunteer in a mental health hospital, I met many patients with depression. They behaved like in a state of separate consciousness. They bowed down their heads, and were very weak. They would walk very slowly. The ward’s staff asked me to talk to patients. Conversation might draw them out of their mental stress. Sometimes. One male teenager would smile when we talked about his friends. Especially about a girlfriend. He didn’t have one but the thought of a girlfriend made him shy, and embarrassed enough to respond.

Zombie in real life
If you see a zombie in real life, s/he could be physically sick. Lack of certain hormones can cause a person to act lethargic.

Zombie in dream
Likewise, a zombie in a dream can be a metaphor about a person who is a state of alternate reality. His mind, physique, emotions and spirit, are chained by invisible forces. The dream imagery of a zombie can be a reminder that someone is being locked up and incapacitated. The dream could be a message asking you to look out for this in waking reality. Many people live life in a rat race. They are locked in the race. They rush from point to point, to do one activity and continue with another.

A zombie can be a symbol of somebody who is under a spell. This person was instructed to perform a certain purpose. Translated to life, this zombie dream symbol could be a warning to watch out for interference from someone sinister.

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