Meaning of dreaming of teacher teaching

Dream of talking to old classmates.

On the night of July 4, 2019, I dreamed I was in the role of a teacher, teaching some students in a classroom. Then I had to photocopy some notes for students. Some people talked to me, asking me to apply for a teaching post. I almost felt like I wanted to, except I remembered in the nick of time. I had difficulties like traveling to a workplace which was far away from home. I also had health challenges like difficulty coping with tough conditions without food and water. There would be on one at home to take care of my dependents. I let go of the suggestion to apply for a teaching job. It was odd that I could remember my challenges in waking life and remind myself in my dream.

The dream was an old memory which flattered my ego. It pandered to my secondary need for attention and appreciation. My subconsciousness triggered this dream. This is not a message from my subconsciousness because I know that job is no longer suitable for me.

Meaning of dreaming of teacher teaching
Since I was the teacher, the symbol suggested I had some knowledge I wished to impart to others. I should remember this in waking reality. I should be able to pass on knowledge in ordinary circumstances in my waking reality, without having to disrupt my life by suddenly taking on a teaching job. Perhaps this dream is a message from my subconsciousness to tell me that I should be writing more to share my experiences. I had been away from writing in this blog for months.

Interpret dream of a teacher teaching you a lesson

If you dreamed of a teacher explaining a concept to you, it might mean you are in need of clarification for issues in your waking life. On the other hand, it can also mean that someone is trying to exert influence over you, by trying to instruct you, in the hope of you following their philosophy and desired outcome. If, in real life, there is a person who desires to manipulate you, then your brain may remember this as a type of influencing (or teaching). Thus, this triggers a dream about being taught.

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