Man dreams of childbirth: Dream analysis & interpretation of childbirth

How can a man dream of childbirth when in waking reality, he can never give birth? The dream analysis and interpretation of childbirth can mean the creation of a new project or something new.

A man or woman can dream of giving birth to a non-human. The young can be an animal. In which case, the animal symbolizes the traits of the dreamer. If a human dreams they gave birth to a big and fearsome animal like a lion, it means they are producing a big achievement. If the man/ woman dreams of giving birth to a small, timid or cute creature, it means the inner consciousness says the imaginative and playful aspect of the dreamer is trying to come to the surface.

If the dreamer sees their birth child being stillborn or dead, it means their project has failed.

If the dreamer sees dream imagery of a premature birth, it means they are not ready to show their creation, but are forced to do so because of circumstances out of their control.

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