Meaning of dream of chicken: Dream analysis of chicken

Dream imagery has meaning which is derived from common everyday associations. For example, a chicken can be a symbol of fear. Like we say in waking life, “Don’t be such a chicken”. It means don’t be so scared.

Chickens are timid domestic fowls. They scamper away when they are afraid. When you see a chicken searching for food in a dream, you can relate this to real life. It can mean that you are searching for something valuable to you, in which case, should be money.

Chickens and the cockerel have a pecking order, like the human form of rank and file. If you see a brood of hens and cocks, then this image can be a message from your waking life, about the hierarchy of human social-economic status.

If you see dream imagery of a hen nesting on her eggs, it means you have good projects which are potentially hopeful.

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