Dreams on raising children

This used to be a thing of the past:

Mothers and mothers-in-law talk about desiring grandchildren. They have dreams on their children raising their grandchildren.

Birthing more babies used to be an ego thing.
My paternal great-grandparents had five sons and one daughter.

In some cultures (or some parts of the world), families are raising fewer children. There could be various reasons for the shrinking size of families. Some of these are inflation, higher cost of living, two working parents to create dual income streams, high cost of housing and personal transport vehicle, less time and energy to cope with oneself, partner and children, after a hard day’s work.

The dreams of the younger generation of women and men have changed. They dream of raising fewer children … or no kids at all.

What has happened? This is the start of a new series of posts on how women have changed.