Dreaming of being with a child: Dream interpretation of child

The dream imagery of a child serves to present some joy and comfort in dream world. If you’re an adult in the middle of life, the child reminds you of yourself in youth. The young person is a symbol of hope, new life, happiness and positive vibes. Dream images of child are always good and almost never evil.

If you are a woman of child bearing age, then your dream of a child can mean you wish for a child.

If you are a woman who is not of child-bearing age, your dream can mean you had thought of your childhood days, or your child when they were young, or of any child who bears importance to you.

The dream image of a child does not immediately mean your inner child is trying to connect with you. Dreams continue themes in waking reality. If you thought of a child during the day, then this theme may continue into your dream during sleep.

A woman who had an abortion may dream of a child. This image was brought into the dream because she thought about her aborted fetus during the day. Or if she is facing a new decision on abortion, then the old memory of her previous related experience pops up in her dream.

A man or woman who had childhood experiences of abuse, or other trauma, may be reminded of the past, in dream imagery of a child. This image can be your brain telling you of unresolved issues in your past. You might want to seek resolution and peace for an old wound. If you have the same recurring dream, it means this issue is old and it needs some attention to resolve. If you manage to successively deal with the trouble, you will stop having the same dream.

Dreaming of abuse in childhood means your true childhood was deprived.

The dream imagery is almost always related to themes/ events that happened in the day. Your dream interpretation should be done bearing in mind your current status in life, with your context.

Try to remember the dream imagery of the child. Do you think the child was you when you were that young? In your dream, did you instinctively know that the child was you?

Dreaming of a child may be a reminder for you to use play time. This play time in adulthood is not exactly the same as playtime in childhood. It means to use your imagination. You can ponder and mull over imaginative ways to solve a problem.

Sometimes, the dream image of a child serves to remind you to be playful and free, in the creative sense. If you have been thinking about doing some artistic activities like drawing, painting, pottery or needlework, then your inner consciousness tried to direct you towards this idea, by activating the image of a child in a dream.

If you see a child suffering or having a hard time in a dream, it could mean that you are being reminded of your difficult childhood. You could have been suppressed by well meaning parents or caregivers.

Whatever your dream image means to you, depends on your personal experiences and associations connected to that image. No two persons can have exactly the same associations related to any one single dream symbol.

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