Slice Dream, Slicing Dream, Dreaming of Slice

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Slice Dream

Why do you need to slice something? We required to slice food like meat, vegetables, fruit, and other foods. A dream seeing oneself slice something can mean you are cutting the thing down to manageable size. Relating this dream’s meaning to real life, it means you should be cutting down your work into smaller portions.

A slice with a sharp instrument usually carries a warning, in a dream. It could hint that in real life, someone is trying to harm you. A sharp tool is a metaphor that carries potency. It usually means risk and danger.

On the other side of this argument, it can also mean you or the opposite party, is trying to slice away the connection. Maybe someone does not want to associate with you anymore. Maybe your weak bond is being sliced away. A cut may not be clean and may injure either party. If you think that a sliced breakaway is going to happen, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for it.

To slice is to cut away and detach permanently. Humans are creatures of habit and loss will be drastically felt. The thought of change immediately brings on protest and psychological resistance. Change is mentally, emotionally and psychologically difficult to start. However, once underway, the ball starts rolling and gathers its momentum.

If you dream of cutting veggies, it can mean you are nourishing your body with organic matter. Your body may be in need of nourishment with vitamins and minerals. You need to pay attention to your health.

Slice of your dreams meaning:

A slice of your dreams could mean a portion of your dreams. If you have many dreams, or if you have a long dream, a slice of your dreams is a small portion of it.


  1. I remember when I was in middle school having a dream that involved a knife. Your analysis totally makes sense because during that time, I faced some harms.

  2. Thanks for visiting. I’ve stopped promoting posts because it doesn’t really work. Relying on natural traffic.

    Threats are a common theme in dreams. The nature of the threat may be different, but it all boils down to the main theme which is threat.

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