Scooter dream, Dreaming of e-scooter

Dreaming of scooter, scooter dream.

Scooter dream

I used to have a bad dream about a scooter. It was triggered from a memory of a road accident. I was riding pillion on a scooter when one of its tires blew out. It had been repaired a few times and one of its old punctures blew. The driver struggled to control the steering but the vehicle swerved dangerously on the road. Then the driver decided the better option was to steer it towards the side of the road, before it landed on its side. I had road burn on my arms and it was very painful. It took nearly a month to heal. New skin was stretched so tight that my arm movements were restricted. My helmet protected my head, or it could have been much worse.

Dreaming of e-scooter

Deliveroo food delivery rider on electric scooter.

These days, when people whiz by on electric skate scooters (e-scooters), I silently reminiscent about my accident. E-scooters are a danger to pedestrians on the sidewalk. They compete for space to move along. E-scooter riders seldom install horns on their vehicles. They have no means to warn pedestrians of their presence right behind them. I swear some e-scooter riders ride so dangerously that they seem intent to mow down the pedestrians. If you own a e-scooter, please install a horn or a bell. Please slow down when the pavement is narrow or when there are pedestrians around.

Dreaming of scooter

I shall never have a pleasant dream of a scooter.

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  1. I am so sorry you have this horrible experience. Regarding E-scooters on pavements, this reminds me of scooters and motorcycles in my country shortcutting their ways through pavements which is too dangerous for pedestrians even with horns. They drive too fast for the pavement.

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