My personal changes and how they help me

Here are some of my personal changes and how they help me. I’m sharing them because you may be inspired to change your life and tell us the aspects in which you have experienced life improvements.

Change in diet

I changed my diet into a near vegetarian one. I still eat fish and chicken, but only one of each and twice a week. I feel better and my weight has started to decrease naturally without making extra effort to go out to exercise daily. In pre-Covid days, I used to walk for 25 minutes every day. Now, I only have housework to burn calories. My other work are all sedentary.

Started a reading habit

I’m reading books and blogging reviews. Reading helps me write better as a blogger.

Started mixed media art

I started creating mixed media art. I got over my initial anxieties with “art block”. Now, I try to use available materials to make pretty art. I hand sewed simple costumes for my art figures. I had never done this before.

Significantly reduced time spent on Twitter

I reduced time spent on social media, specifically Twitter. Its entertainment and gratification but I didn’t gain much from it. This is helpful as I discovered I have more time to use fruitfully for my art and reading.

Have you made changes to improve your lifestyle?

Female tennis player inspired by Serena Williams pic
Fantasy art female tennis player with cat face, anthropomorphism.