My favorite activities to share with friends

Here is a list of my favorite activities to share with friends and family.

  1. Take a scenic bus ride. I like to sit on the upper deck if there is a double decker bus. I can take photos. I like the company of a family member or friend.
  2. I like to create art.
  3. I like to eat out because I don’t have to cook. Also, my home kitchen usually has only vegetarian food. When I eat out, I can buy meats.
  4. I like shopping for art and craft material if I can afford to spend. Sometimes, I collect household material for storage into a separate box for craft supplies.
  5. I like shopping for groceries.
  6. I like reading newspapers. I usually share reading time with a family member. We comment on news articles, book recommendations, lifestyle trends, and photos in the newspapers.
  7. I like watching TV together with someone.
  8. I like to share personal reviews on books.

What are your favorite activities to share with friends and family? SFW only.

Dreaming of all members of the family reading newspapers.

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