Meaning of dreams about walking forwards & backwards (updated)

Meaning of dream of walking forwards …

The meaning of this dream, to walk forwards, is that you will see success. Just like our everyday cultural connotation of walking forwards, the dreamscape also uses this meaning. It is good to see yourself walking forwards in your dream.

Dreaming of walking backwards is bad.

While Michael Jackson became famous for his Moonwalk backwards, the rest of us will  do well to remember that in dreams, walking backwards is bad. In dreamscape, to walk backwards means there will be failure.

Writing prompt.

Photo prompt from The Daily Spur – man walking.

If you dream that you were walking, you need to know where you were walking to. The destination is important because it gives meaning to your dream.

If you dream of walking up some steps, it foretells good news. Walking up usually means you’ll get a promotion, either in your work, or private life.

If you dream of walking into a designated area, like walking into an office, or walking into a new building, it can mean you’ll get a promotion.

If you dream of seeing difficulties in walking, it means your journey in real life is fraught with hardship.

If you dream that your feet hurt while walking, it also means you’ll face a hard time walking to your destination.

If you dream that you have to walk to a destination, but you didn’t feel like walking, it can mean you face problems trying to reach your goal.

Here is an example of what could happen when you walk forwards and backwards and others misunderstand the meaning of your action.

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