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Meaning of vineyard dream is….

Dream of a vineyard means there has been some gambling in waking life. Or a game of chance is happening in your waking life. A vineyard of grapes is a risky venture since the crop is susceptible to weather, insects and condition of the soil. It is a long way from being made viable as a source of income for the grower. In fact, it is so tough raising a vineyard as a cash crop, that it is a kind of gambling process. In reality, many farmers who grow grapes as a cash crop face enormous challenges. The geography of the farm is important.

Dreaming of a vineyard can mean you face difficult conditions in your job or home. You face a tough challenge to think about what you can do to improve your situation. You could be the vineyard (the object). Where you can not uproot yourself to another place, you have to think of ways to cope with your present circumstances, in the place where you’ve been planted.

Vineyards produce grapes, which can be made into wine. Under normal circumstances, we assume wine will be consumed or sold to other consumers. However, under adverse conditions, not all the wine can be sold.

What happens when the vineyards produce bountiful harvests of grapes which are made into wine, but there are insufficient consumers of wine? The fault lies not in the vineyards, but the marketing and consumers.

The vineyard dream imagery represents a fruitful attempt. The dreamer meets good luck as it is a promising blessing. The vineyard is an icon. In real life, the dreamer may not be having a vineyard, but has a successful object/ project/ personal effort.

Dream imagery of a vineyard can represent the dreamer’s family, which is a vine spreading and growing in adding new members.

A vineyard’s dream imagery can mean the dreamer’s fertility. The vineyard will produce grapes as fruit of the vine’s labor.

Every vineyard, in its own geographical location, has its own soil, micro-climate, and traditional methods of processing their grapes. Wine from different vineyards taste different. Wine tasting will reveal this. Not just the species and DNA of grapes determine the taste of wine. The environment, climate and process of fermentation of grapes also affect the taste of the end product.

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